In 2007 our partners established Yağmur and joined their experiences they gained in the sector since 1997. Today, we are continuing our operations on 11.000 sqm area; 5.000 sqm of which is closed. Our company has been continuing its business without compromising from qualified service and product since its establishment. Our goal is to maintain a partnership beginning from sales and being continued after sales and being continued after sales, with the help of our technical consultancy. Our company, growing in a healthy and balanced manner, has enriched its quality policy with the certificates EN-12810, EN 74-3, EN 13374, CE and ISO 9001:2008. It is the biggest in the sector with an annual scaffolding production capacity of 3.000.000 sqm.


Our Safe Scaffolding System has TSE (Turkish Government Standard Authentication Office) certificate.Our Safe Scaffolding System has approval for installation up to 100 m. Height by TSE.

Our Safe Scaffolding System covers TS EN 12810-1, TS EN 12810-2, TS EN 12811-1, TS EN12811-2 and TS EN 12813-3 standards.Our Safe Scaffolding System has two barriers placed separately at knee and waist height.

In our Safe Scaffolding System, each floor has a double row steel platform.Due to safety regulations, opened ladder platforms are used for personnel transfers in our safe scaffolding system.

All our steel raw materials also have TSE approval. The dimensions of our materials are

  • Q48x3 mm for frames
  • Q34x2 mm for horizontal brace
  • Q42x2,5 mm for diagonal brace

Our scaffolding system is hot dipped galvanized against corrosion.

Flanged scaffoldings can be used particularly in industrial structures as well as in shipbuilding and repairing facilities (shipyards), engineering structures, power plants, aircraft building and repairing facilities, production factories, such as cement, etc., construction sites of tunnels and dams, and in any facade construction project. They provide a quite secure and practicable working environment.

Flanged scaffolding is composed of vertical brace pieces, which have eight multidirectional brace points that are called “flanges” and welded securely and solidly on vertical components thanks to its unique connection technique, and horizontal brace pieces with locking mechanisms, named steel cast dovetail.
8 pieces of horizontal or diagonal braces can be assembled to each flange of vertical braces from different directions. This system allows the horizontal braces to move 360 degrees around a pillar.

So, a practical workflow that can easily adopt to any recess and protrusion on the building’s surface is achieved. The system’s security is at the highest level thanks to horizontal brace, which are manufactured in accordance with any flange range, and toe boards. This system can be easily installed and removed by two persons. Flange can be connected by applying dovetail and pressing with wedge only with the help of a 500 gr. hammer.


It is manufactured in high quality according to EN 13374 standards. This system, which consists of three pieces in total, works very efficiently with its quick installation and detachable structure. 


Made of 30x50x2 mm box profile, this product is integrated with the base plate welded to the base. It is anchored to the floor with M10x70mm concrete screws from the holes in Ø12 diameter in the base plate. Galvanized coating, professional cutting and welding details can be used for many years and during projects. The 112 cm long edge guard has a barrier lock pin


The edge protection panel made of Ø6 wire offers high strength thanks to its 2 twists. There is a 15 cm high heel on the lower part. It can be used for a long time with its visibility-enhancing color (RAL 1003)


Edge protection concrete screw that secures the edge protection panel to the floor is in dimensions M10x70 mm. It can be dismantled and reusable while offering fast installation convenience.

This scaffolding system in general, bridges viaducts, and business center construction projects with a heavy load of concrete, used under the slab and beam as a carrier system.

It may be used in 3 different ways, table type slab scaffolding, loading tower and ladder tower. System can be moving by table carrier and crane component without disassembly. Main frames are produced 60*3 mm pipes. Diagonal braces are produced 34*2, 5 mm pipes. Pipes are certified by Turkish Government Standard Authentication Office The system is designed by YAĞMUR İSKELE according to your projects.

Width of the main frame 120 or 150 cm, height 100-120-150 or 180 cm. We use automatic arc welding in the manufacturing process Table type scaffolding system depending on the thickness of concrete is can be set up to 12 m height freely. The system is coated with one layer of industrial quality primer paint, however hot dip galvanized ones are available upon request.


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